Google SEO Tools to improve your site rank

Google SEO tools

There are many useful Google SEO tools, created by Google, to improve your SEO and site rank. These free tools could help you improve your search position:

  • Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console)
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword Planner
  • Google Page Speed
  • Structured Data tools
    • Markup Helper
    • Structured Data Testing

Google Webmaster tools (Search Console)

The main SEO tool for web site owners to manage their sites, to monitor and optimize search traffic. Basically, it allows to submit and test sitemaps, structured data for search engines, and to show statistics about your google search performance. The key indicators are total clicks (clicks in your website link), total impressions (view occurrences in the search results), average CTR (click-through rate, % clics / impressions) and average position (position of website link in the search results)

google search console

Google Analytics

Google analytics, combined with a embedded script in your pages, brings tons of valuable information and analytics about your web site visitors. For example, you can analyze the visitors by country, session duration, and the most visited pages. The main view shows traffic performance compared with the previous period.

google analytics

Google Keyword Planner

You can try this tool if you want to research about useful and high traffic search keywords about a topic. After you enter some keywords, Google will show you the most common search terms, monthly searches (frequency), competition (how many different sites match our keyword), and the low/high price bid to put a website in the first results. Based on this information, you can select some high-frequency search terms to optimize your content,  and focus keyphrase for your articles.

Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed is a SEO tool to analyze page load speed in different types of resources, and to suggest some improvements to get a better load speed. For example, if your page load speed is over a few seconds, then new visitors in your site will probably end their sessions prematurely. Also, your SEO page rank could be penalized with a slow-loading site.

Structured Data Markup Helper

This tool helps you to create and setup structured data for your web site, using a simple step by step, select-and-set interface to complete the structured data (Title, Author, Header, Published date) in ld-json format. As a result, you will get a better structured data to make it easier to Google to find you.

google markup helper

Structured Data Testing Tool

After creating your structured data information, this tool helps you to test and review ld-json structured data added to your site. Also, you will get insights about errors and warnings in your data, that will affect your search performance.

google structured data


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