Configure a Windows device for Web development

If you have recently acquired or reinstalled a new Laptop/PC with Windows, you may need to configure a Windows device for Web development (or any other type of development). This could include some basic development tools, editors, IDEs (Integrated Development Environment), and prepare your system to work with programming languages, compilers, and build tools. Those are some common steps you can start with:

Text Editor

One of the primary components is a good text editor to deal with code files, configuration files, and scripts.

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How to Install Windows 10 – Quick Tutorial

In this tutorial, you can learn how to install Windows 10. You may want to install Windows 10 for different reasons, for example:

  • You have a new computer with no operating system installed
  • You have a previous windows version already installed
  • Your current windows 10 installation is faulty, corrupted, or useless because of system errors, malware, or slow performance.
  • You need a clean Windows installation to start again.
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Installation of PHP in Windows, MacOS and Linux

There are several steps for the installation of PHP in Windows MacOS and Linux. In this article we cover the most common installation procedure for each operating system. As a result, you can install and configure other tools and frameworks like Laravel.

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